Is it your New Year’s resolution to find a new Job? Don’t wait, December is the most wonderful time of the year to start your search!

It’s the hap-happiest season of all, filled with parties, holiday greetings, mistletoe and wine, everyone wishing you good cheer, oh and a little more wine! Finding a new job is probably not on top of your list of priorities and something that you think should be put off until the New Year.

But business doesn’t stop in December. Most employers have projected their recruitment needs for the New Year, set their budgets and started their Talent search to ensure that January begins with a bang. Organisations want to get their ship in order and start the coming year off right so job vacancies and sourcing Talent is at the top of everyone’s Christmas list.

So don’t wait until the New Year to find your new position, December is actually the best time of the year to start your search. Here’s why….

  • Get Seen – Get Noticed – Get Hired! Everyone is looking for a new job in January so hiring managers are bombarded with CVs. By applying early in December, your CV will be at the front of the queue, increasing your chances of scooping up an interview.
  • Research shows that there’s a drop in job seeker activity over the December period when most applicants can’t be bothered trying to fit job hunting in with their festive season shenanigans.
  • It’s all about the competition, or lack thereof! Even active job seekers will do so with minimal effort, making the Talent pool that much smaller. This ultimately means that there is far less competition. So take advantage of this time to get seen and noticed by potential employers. Connect with recruiters to get on their radar ahead of the New Year’s ‘I want to find a new job’ rush.
  • Generally speaking, recruiters and hiring managers have been known to be happier and easier to approach during December, especially if they’ve received a bonus! Be accommodating and you’ll increase your chances of successfully securing an interview. Ensure that you remain in contact with them during this time, it’s been proven that headhunters are more likely to place Talent who’s responsive and contactable.

Trust us, we know what we’re talking about when we tell you to start applying for your new role in December.

Usually, its candidates who start their job search during the festive season who are placed in January. It’s the month where your efforts could pay off the most, and you may even be able to land your dream position.

Plus you’ll be able to convert your work Christmas party into your own personal leaving bash to say goodbye to your colleagues. ;-P

Just remember to keep your schedule flexible so that you can attend interviews. Key decision makers may have holiday leave scheduled which means limited appointments for interviews and a need for you to meet them on short notice.

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